Tapas and portions

Las Clásicas del Ágape

The Giant Ravioli
Pasta stuffed with meat Bolognese with Four Cheese sauce.
3.00 €

The Croquette
Ham and boletus over cream cheese over a dried fruit vinaigrette.
2.00 €

Salmon Toast
Salmon toast on scorpion cake on crusty bread.
2.40 €

Sirloin Toast
Pork tenderloin with two mustards, on caramelized onion.
2.00 €

Foie toast
Foie escalope on jerky and boletus cream

Octopus glass
Octopus on Galician mashed potato

Pig sloth
Gourmet mini burger, with prepared pork, cheese, tomato, lettuce and
2.20 €

Bluefin Tuna Lust
Gourmet mini burger, with basil bread, tartar sauce, mango, lamb’s lettuce and caramelized onion.
3.70 €

The last to arrive

Boletus ravioli
Boletus and beef ravioli with foie sauce.
3.50 €

Spicy bacon brioche
Lacquered bacon cuts with a touch of «spicy» and tender shoots on delicious French brioche bread.
2.50 €

Jerky delicacies
Tasty delights of beef jerky and Zamorano cheese with rosemary.
2.50 €

Lizard skewer
Iberian lizard skewer with chimichurri and mushrooms.
3.00 €

Pickled breast salad
Pickled breast salad on glazed pumpkin.
2.80 €


Ham croquette
Iberian ham on cream cheese and sweet wine reduction.
12.00 €

Squid rings
Andalusian squid rings ration.
11.00 €

Zamorano cheeses
Selection of Zamorano cheeses.
16.00 €

Iberian Table
Selection of Iberian sausages
16.00 €

Beef Carpaccio
Portion of beef carpaccio and parmesan.

Laminated Boletus
(New) On cream of leeks and truffle oil
15.00 €

Double Zero Anchovies
Double Zero Anchovy Portion from Santoña (8u)
20.00 €

Ration of jerky
Ration of beef jerky
20.00 €

Octopus Timbale
Grilled octopus on mashed potato and tomato vinaigrette
20.00 €

Grilled scallops
Portion of grilled scallops.

Lobster salpicón
with fruits and avocado
18.00 €

Due to the health situation, the tapas menu, restaurant and usual menus are not available at the moment. We have prepared this for you.
Tapas are available between 12:00 and 14:00 and from 20:00.

Remember that all our elaborations are made at the moment-
Some may take 20 or 30 minutes to be perfect!

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