Note: Reservations are made on the terrace exclusively for à la carte services, so reservations for tapas and portions are not accepted. Thank you for understanding!

The Agape Classics

The Giant Ravioli
Pasta stuffed with meat Bolognese with Four Cheese sauce.

Boletus ravioli
Boletus and veal ravioli with foie sauce.

The Croquette
Ham and boletus on cream cheese on dried fruit vinaigrette.

Salmon toast
Salmon toast on scorpionfish cake on crusty bread.

Sirloin Toast
Pork tenderloin with two mustards, on caramelized onion.

Foie toast
Foie escalope on cecina and boletus cream

Octopus cup
Octopus on Galician mashed potatoes

Spicy bacon brioche
Lacquered bacon slices with a “spicy” touch and tender sprouts on delicious French brioche bread.

Jerky delights
Tasty delicacies of beef jerky and Zamorano cheese with rosemary.

Pickled brisket salad
Pickled brisket salad over glazed pumpkin.

The 7 deadly sins (Mini-Burgers)

Bluefin Lust
Basil bread, tartar sauce, mango, lamb’s lettuce and caramelized onion.

Pig Sloth
Prepared pork meat, with cheese, tomato, lettuce and ketchup.

Duck’s Wrath
Duck magret in apricot bread, foie gras and sheep cake.

Lamb Gluttony
Arugula, mozzarella, mustard, tomato, yogurt sauce on unleavened bread.

Chicken Envy
Crispy chicken with honey-mustard sauce, bacon and caramelized apple.

Kobe Greed
Fresh mozzarella, arugula, natural tomato and boletus ali-oli.

Cuttlefish Superb
Ink bread with rocket, tomato and goat cheese roll with garlic mayonnaise.

To share

Beef carpaccio

Portion of beef carpaccio and Parmesan

16.00 €

Rolled boletus

On leek cream and truffle oil

17.00 €

Octopus Timpani

Grilled octopus on mashed potato and tomato vinaigrette

22.00 €

Grilled fritters

Grilled volandeiras portion

20.00 €

Lobster salad

With fruits and avocado (warm)

25.00 €

Anchovies Doble Cero

Santoña Double Zero Anchovy (8u)

18.00 €

Squid rings

Andalusian-style squid rings.

12.00 €

Iberian ham croquettes

And boletus on cream cheese and sweet wine reduction.

12.00 €

Jerky croquettes

With rosemary cured Zamorano cheese

12.00 €

Zamorano cheeses

Selection of Zamorano cheeses.

19.00 €

Iberian table

Selection of Iberian sausages

20.00 €

Jerky portion

Portion of beef jerky

20.00 €

Portion of Iberian Ham

Iberian ham portion

20.00 €